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Loads of amazing press!!

Updated: Oct 11, 2020

In the last few weeks you might have seen my mug inside a newspaper! It's been really exciting doing interviews about the book - and such a novelty for me to be answering questions rather than asking them....

Below you can see how Jenny from The Irish News and Graham from Newsletter have both done huge spreads on the story behind Lottie the Raven - and how I answered 'The Big Ask' for The Belfast Telegraph as well as pieces in The Sunday Life, Mourne Observer and more.

Some of the stuff that comes up a lot in the interviews -

- the really weird time in my life when I wrote the novel and how I felt like I couldn't stop until it was finished.

- how it ended up much more about my own teenage life than I'd planned - how I was bullied, was awkward in my skin and a bit accident prone.

- the wonderful energy around woman's football, especially in Northern Ireland.

- the story behind The real Belfast Ravens - which myself and my wife Lisa set up accidentally in 2017.

- becoming a father this year and the real life Lottie!

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